Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Megan preens again.

Isn't it marvelous how the financial crisis has been caused entirely by
things that you were opposed to before the crisis happened?

Like the Bush Administration?

(I would have just posted that remark in McArdle's comments but she has banned me. She can't stand to be told she's wrong by people who openly laugh at her, don't care about assuaging her ego, and can't be put off by one of her little prevarications, sob stories or pity parties.)


Anonymous said...

Is she basically just banning anyone who doesn't tell her she's perfect and wonderful or what? I never noticed your comments there to be particularly hostile or rude. So, it's everyone who disagrees with her, no matter how politely, or anyone who points out her numberous editing, spelling, and factual mistakes getting banned these days? Her and Amy Alkon should meet up. I bet they'd be fast friends.

Susan of Texas said...

No, quite a few people tell her she's wrong, and a few of those have even been rude about it. I was, I believe, not rude at all, but I sure did annoy her something fierce.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she came here and read your more thorough analyses, and they really, really stung.

So instead of allowing your presence to remind her of how well you have her pegged, she banished you, probably hoping that if you were out of her sight you'd somehow go out of her mind.

I bet it's not working.

Susan of Texas said...

I bet you're right.

The first time she noticed me, I think, was this post. I guess I went from funny (as Megan said in comments) to too close to the truth.