Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Megan Explains the Financial Crises

I honestly don't know what to say about Megan's recent outpourings. They are most irrelevant. Will executives get pay cuts? Who cares? They will or they won't, it won't affect me. FBI investigates Congress, and Megan can't imagine why. Thanks for sharing that simple-minded wonder. Megan favors fractional reserve lending. Great. Nobody's trying to get rid of it, but whatever. Megan can't see why the falling dollar is bad, since "90% of our production [is] bought and sold domestically." That's swell Megan, but some people buy stuff from a country called "China." Look on all your expensive kitchen gadgets; the word will be there. This is so obvious that I can't believe she stupidly overlooked it. Really, she'd have to be dumber than dirt. Dumber than rocks. Dumber than dirt covered rocks. And since she did manage to graduate from university, I have to conclude she's a hack.

Most of all the Libertarian is sure that massive government intervention on the taxpayer's dime is the way to go. So, not really a libertarian after all, is she? She's an opportunistic fake. It doesn't occur to her that her Authoritarian Leaders screwed the pooch so badly that the economy will suffer no matter what is done.

Arthur Silber, as always, says it best.

The pathetic truth is that most people fear genuine independence more than
they fear death itself. So desperate are they for "acceptance" and so fearful of
being thought "peculiar," they will deny the evidence of their own eyes and
mindlessly repeat the lies and ignorance of others. When it comes to a subject
like economics or foreign policy, they think: "Oh, that's so hard! I can't
understand that. I'll just listen to what the 'experts' say. They know

If events of the last seven years have demonstrated nothing else at all,
they should have made absolutely clear that "experts" are often the very last
people you should look to for guidance. The experts are precisely those people
most likely to repeat "conventional wisdom," that is, the views accepted by the
ruling class -- because, by virtue of the fact that they are regarded as
experts, they are part of the ruling class.

Megan reads Arnold Kling or someone at Bloomberg or the New York Times or Washington Post and takes their opinions as her own. She then passes along her information as common knowledge, and the consensus of the smart people who understand all this stuff going on. Her commenters (some of them) duly give her thanks and approval, telling her that her questions are genius, her posts thoughtful and knowledgeable. They're full of shit and too ignorant to know it. Megan isn't quite as ignorant, and therefore deserves all the scorn that toadies like her are due to receive when the gullible public finally, finally, learns that their leaders are not there to help them; they're there to steal from them.

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