Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Megan Catch-Up

I needed to catch up on the financial news so I went to the Atlantic and read Megan McArdle's analysis. Now I can make financial decisions knowing that I understand the behavior of the market and its underlying causes.

Heh, just kidding. Megan's blowing a little smoke, doing a link or two, and not much else. She's useless, but we all know that. And Megan? Learn how to use a colon. You have an English degree, for heaven's sake. You are embarrassing us all and dragging down the value of our degrees, which can't take much more drag as it is. I suspect your teachers grew tired of being told they make less than Daddy and decided to ignore you and your education. Too bad about that $38,ooo a year. From the venom in your tone when you mention teaching I suspect Mom and Dad had a few words to say about greedy teachers while signing the tuition check.

I had a giggle at her deliberately obtuse post about the perils of taxing the rich, rolled my eyes at her advice for jobhunters, and admired how Megan avoided mentioning the role lax regulation had in the current financial crises. I noted her swipe at McCain; being libertarian means you can make snide jokes at both parties and still be accepted in your version of the Algonquin Round Table, a corner table at a Starbucks with wifi. I guess the insults prove her independent creds, while not actually requiring that she be independent.

But it's a shame the financial meltdown pushed the culture war off the front page. I was so looking forward to read more solemn moral scolding from a woman with the empathy and social skills of a backwoods vampire.


Anonymous said...

Backwoods? I dunno. That conjures up a vision of a shaggy sort of vamp: earthy, a little grimy, in touch with the dark, hot-blooded side of the natural world.

She's more of an URBAN vampire: an oblivious, fastidious, cold-blooded preppy bloodsucker.

If Megan ever went into the woods, she'd spend her time complaining about the dirt, mosquitos, and ashes in her food, or bragging (in a manner she would think was subtle) about the vastly superior quality -- and cost! -- of her gear.

Then she'd turn the whole adventure into a blog post on how laissez-faire capitalism has saved us from a life without nice clean concrete and indoor plumbing, a life that would otherwise be "nasty, brutish and short" (like her camping trip).

Or she'd talk about how the environmentalists actually want to dismantle our economy to save dirty, itchy, useless forests when it's obvious that THEY AREN'T WORTH IT.

Gad. I could write her columns....!

Susan of Texas said...

You're absolutely right. I've been racking my brain and I finally found a bloodsucker that exemplifies a vampire Megan--Parker Posey in the third Blade movie.

Anonymous said...

Any post where Megan basically regurgitates pieces of common sense or everyday knowledge - from her mind-numbingly simple recipes to any "advice" she may offer - and acts like she's just unleashed some great pearl of wisdom upon the world gives me a chuckle. How coddled does one person have to be to think telling a job hunter "find ways to make money" is valuable in any way?