Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Theater Burlesque

Megan is workin' it like an ecdysiast, an old-timey one with giant fans that snap open and shut, or balloons that are teasingly popped one by one. It's smoke and mirrors, to use yet another metaphor (which would annoy Megan immensely).

Megan, who did not mind the inventive methods used to create a shadow baking system without oversight, now is incensed that the people who lost billions might not get more billions. She seems to think that if the government doesn't get what it wants, right now, without oversight or limit, the financial system will collapse. And the people who stood in the way to obey their constituents, as the House Republicans did, "deserves to be tried for treason."

"We clearly need better regulations," Megan said, now that the negative effect of no regulation has become too clear to be denied. However, Megan continues to mitigate the damage done by Republican policies, her real job. The SEC was not lax, bank runs are complicated, there was no single cause-- anything to divert the reader from thinking about regulation further.

She goes on and on, but it would be too tedious to report in detail. Politicians are disgusting, dissenting Republicans are whiners, Nancy Pelosi is a screw-up, the successful Swedish model with no bailouts wouldn't work here, the bailout wasn't sold well, ignorant people should shut up about the bailout, McCain didn't really want a bailout. No fewer than ten posts by the world's laziest econoblogger. It's a torrent of output by her standards; she must be under a lot of pressure to support the wants of the rich.


Anonymous said...

This sentence actually made my eyes bleed:

"Metaphors, comparative situations, are useful when you have a firm grasp of the underlying principles which make the important features of what you are discuss fundemantally akin to the important principles of whatever metaphor you wish to employ."

Ouch. That's some bad writing there. It barely makes sense, but it's massively stupid, considering it was written by a woman who had, just two posts earlier, incorrectly used one of Aesop's fables metaphorically.

Susan of Texas said...

She's Immaculate Megan, without sin. It's everyone else who errs, not Megan.