Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

K-Lo Is Stupid

K-Lo is useful because she truly believes the baloney she's been fed all her life. Watching the Right explode with hypocrisy regarding women candidates is predictable, but you also have to check with K-Lo because she doesn't get the wink-and-nod that conservative "intellectuals" use when talking about conservative voters. K-Lo warns that calling criticism of Sarah Palin sexist is a wrong tactic that will make it harder to call liberals whiners. K-Lo, bless her heart, thinks that sexism doesn't exist and any time a woman complains about biased treatment she's whining. (You could tell K-Lo that the Pope is a Yeti and she'll believe you.) She says liberal criticism of Palin is because she is a conservative, which I agree with, and not because of sexism, which I disagree with in part. It's both. Liberal people are not immune to sexism or racism, of course, but unlike conservatives they are all willing to align themselves with a party that at least purports to believe in equality.

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