Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Flashback Megan: Creationism

I don't know how willing I am to ratify the scientific assumption that the
supernatural is never a possible explanation. I am a radical skeptic;
I think that the supernatural is generally a very unlikely explanation, but
I can evince no proof that the laws of physics as generally observed operate always
and everywhere.

Nor do I think that even Young Earth creationism can be ruled out by science, if you are willing to posit the possibility of a creator; God might have created the world looking old for His own inscrutable reasons.

She has to make mealy-mouthed caveats because she can't bring herself to have an opinion that might harm her financial prospects.


Anonymous said...

"I am of the firm opinion that there either is a God or there isn't."

If she never expresses a solid opinion, nobody can ever tell her she's wrong or criticize her for it. We all know how much she hates that. Somebody also needs to tell her that individuals don't "ratify" assumptions. Governing bodies and leaders ratify treaties and agreements and such. It's a formal synonym for "approval" with limited application, not a general substitute for the word. She had the thesaurus working overtime on that post.

Susan of Texas said...

And why use "evince" instead of a simpler word? Oh yeah, that's how you look smart; using esoteric words incorrectly.