Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, September 4, 2008

No Soup Criticism For You!

Megan has decided to ban commenters who criticize her. That'll show that old poopy-head Glen Greenwald. Next time he tries to show up in her comments to tell her she's wrong, she'll ban his bee-hind but good. And all the rest of the people who have begun regularly showing up in comments to tell her she's wrong. They can just get their own blogs to be meanies.

Not that Megan will stop calling people fascists, or stop going on Bloggin'puddin'heads to tell the world that certain people are nasty, mean lefties. In other words: it's okay for Megan to criticize people, even in a lazy, lying manner, but nobody can criticize Megan. She's Better Than You.

Good lord, Megan. Take out a loan and buy a spine.


brad said...

I think she hired Amy Alkon to delete comments for her.
Mine was gone within a single refresh.

Susan of Texas said...

I'd pay money to see Alkon and McArdle compete to see who can play victim better. And they both seem like hair-pullers.

Susan of Texas said...

It turns out you can comment after all, if the intern can't figure out what you're really saying.

Susan of Texas said...


I spoke too soon. My comment disappeared.

This is fun. I wonder how far I can go and not get banned.

Anonymous said...

I just love how she told Brad her critics "hate" her. She wishes we cared enough. The only thing I hate is how low the Atlantic has sunk in hiring her talentless behind. I remember there was a time when she would claim that anyone who criticized her was "obsessed" with her. How full of themselves can one person be?

Susan of Texas said...

The alternative is admitting that people are laughing at her, and that will never happen.