Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, September 26, 2008

Megan is Immoral

Megan's immorality in action:

But without the Republicans, the plans costs are certain to go up
considerably, including, probably, giving bankruptcy judges the power to rewrite
mortgages. This sounds wonderful--until you realize that this means
mortgage rates will go up for everyone, probably quite a bit. And that
this will further strain an already weak industry. Why use jinglemail, or
struggle to meet your payments, if you can pay a lawyer $1,000 and magically
transform your mortgage into a prime loan?

She assumes that because she would not act morally without coercion, neither would anyone else. And of course she is proposing that the banks etc. get help but not the taxpayers, who would be the ones paying for the banks' help. Welfare for elite people like me, nothing for little people like you.

She doesn't know what's in the package, doesn't know what the effect will be if it is passed or not passed, and doesn't try to figure out if it will be enough anyway. But her Authority Leader suggested it, so she knows it must be passed. One might as well go to a parrot for advice.


Anonymous said...

She's no different than pious nutjobs who believe that without God there IS no morality. I don't know about you,but it fucking scares the crap outta me that "faith"is all that stands between them and their nasty impulses.

And as we've seen,over and over,that shit don't work most of the time(Ted Haggard,the guy they just busted in Arkansas,etc,etc).

If I ever saw her on the street I'd slap her upside her idiotic head. I loathe people like her.

(PS,glad you and yours made it thru the storms ok)

Susan of Texas said...

Thanks, angryoldbroad.

Yes, isn't it reassuring when someone tells you that the only thing standing between him and rape and muder is his love of Jesus?