Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Scandal Waiting To Happen

Dear Glorious God in Heaven,*

Thank you, thank you, thank you! McCain's VP choice is the most wonderful thing to happen in this roller coaster ride we call an election. Thank you for her wingnuttiness, for her unmarried teen daughter who is pregnant, for her oil and gassiness, for her penchant for firing her enemies, for her connection to fringe separatists at the Alaska Independent Party. She's a freaking pinata of embarrassment, who only needs a couple of whacks to spill forth the goodies. Anyone who holds back because she is a woman and mother is a fool.

ADDED: K-Lo thinks people should leave the mommy-to-be alone. Too bad Rich Lowry already wrote a post lauding Palin for carrying her baby with Down Syndrome to term. If it's okay to flog Trig for votes, it's fair to talk about the pregnant daughter too.

*still an atheist, btw.


aimai said...

Couldn't agree more, susan, Palin is selling herself as america's first mommy on the strength of "her story" and trig's heroic birth then she has to take the heat for actually being, you know, america's worst and most inept and neglectful mother.


Susan of Texas said...

Who is living proof that abstinance education is a failure.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the story will be that the daughter got married and had the child, and that anyone who criticizes her as a mother, in any way, for any thing... is someone who is out of step with American Values and hates american families.

And the counter I just mentioned... it's going to work.

Susan of Texas said...

Probably. And he can't get rid of her anyway, can he? Not without looking weak and indecisive.