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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Update

Still doing fine, still with no power. (I borrowed a computer for a few moments.) Food is in coolers, we cook on grills and camp stoves, and search every day for ice. Some people did not or could not plan and the local govt is doing everything they can to help them. The ones with resources search for what they need, find a store or gas station with power on or generators, and wait. We have cleaned up and there are some smallish repairs for some people. The water and sewage system work, an enormous benefit. It could have been much much worse if the hurricane weren't fast and relatively devoid of heavy rains.

V--could you spread the word? It's so nice to hear from you. I am reading Charlaine Harris' Vampire books from start to finish out of boredom, and my only grievance is missing Trueblood.


NancySC said...

Hope you get power soon! It's sooo miserable without it.

vmh said...

Yes, I will. I'll C&P this text if that is ok.


zeppo said...

Susan, hope your surviving without too much hardship. My brother lives down in the Houston area, now without parts of their roof that they used to have. I didn't even think about not having any air conditioning in connection with no power. In Seattle, AC is something that is easy to do without. In Texas, I imagine it is a bit more of a priority.

Stay frosty! (Don't know what that means, really, but it's fun to say....)