Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Megan Explains Her Modus Operandi

It's a lot easier to bluff, because the odds are that mistakes won't be caught.

And if they are, you can just ignore the corrections or tell the critic he "misunderstands."


MikeG said...

but wait. . .if the world works as 'all markets, all the time' won't those mistakes eventually get caught out? Clearly with this comment we have the rules working for some but not for others; isn't this her admitting that there is more to life than that libertarian bullshit she spouts? What gives? I love the situational ethics that only benefit her and her ilk. Any normal person with this much cognitive dissonance might either check themselves into rehab or work to correct things somehow.

Susan of Texas said...

I don't understand how people live with that. McArdle seems to think that if she convinces herself that her selfishness is really libertarianism, everyone else must agree. (And actually, the other libertarians do agree.)